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Are you proud of the work you, your company, or your team does every day?

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Blikkr gives professionals a way to connect and engage with colleagues — past and present — and opens you up to a whole new network of business and culture fans who follow your company on Blikkr.

When you belong to a company that has a premium Blikkr Business plan, updates can be shared with your entire community, or limited to your private Team Channel on Blikkr — the choice is yours.

Anyone can post a company update on LinkedIn.
Few will ever see it.

With Blikkr, everyone who follows you, or your company, can easily opt-in for notifications to all your updates.

A platform that puts people first.

(and a few more reasons we think you're going to like it here)

Limited # of company follows per user for high engagement
Your posts are always seen and never hidden by algorithms
Apply for jobs with companies who care about people
Your own profile to reflect your professional brand
Moderated community to block out spam and scams
Enable/disable notifications from your mobile or desktop

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While it's free for all companies to have a Blikkr profile, we want to create a space where we know the companies using the platform care about their people, first.

To do that, we'll need to check a few details before you can claim your company page.

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